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Onni is a vertical rope artist, born in the snowy Finland. Through his dark sense of humor he found his way to the physical world of circus.  He combines working with quirky movement and explosions of dynamic technique in rope with his strong dance and theatre background. With a love for training and climbing in the air he is pushing his skills and reinventing rope as a discipline. As an experienced artist, he is colored by country grooves, fierce street art, instant coffee and awkward moments in life.

Onni began at a young age movement through dancing in multiple recognized dance schools in Finland. In the search for more Onni applied to a professional circus school in Finland and realized that circus was the right place for him to work with high technique, physicality and unique artistic views.

This road has taken him to stages in France, Sweden, Germany and beyond.

Now graduating (2014) from the highly respected University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm, Onni is ready to meet audiences and co-create experiences.